Department of Near Eastern Archaeology


22.11.2022: Workshop "Excavating the Extra-Ordinary 2
On 25 and 26 November, the departments of Near Eastern Archaeology and Egyptology will organise the workshop "Excavating the Extra-Ordinary 2" together with the department of Egyptology at the Freie Universität Berlin. More information on the workshop, the programme and registration can be found here.

01.11.2022: Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Florian Janoscha Kreppner on 07.12.2022
We cordially invite everyone to the guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Florian Janoscha Kreppner on 07.12.2022 at 18:15 on the topic "New insights into life in the Zagros Mountains on the eastern border of the Assyrian Empire (ca. 1000-800 BC). Results of the excavations of the Peshdar Plain Project in autumn 2022 in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northeast Iraq". The lecture will take place at Hegelstraße 59, room 00-309, and online at Big Blue Button:

23.10.2022: The winter semester 2022/2023 starts!
We welcome all old and new students to the new semester! You can find the events of WiSe 22/23 here and in the download area.

01.08.2022: New interdisciplinary project: "Ancient Sciences Innovation Lab (ASIL)
The departments of Egyptology, Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology of the Institute of Classical Studies have successfully participated in a call for proposals by the Stifterverband and the Dieter Schwarz Stiftung. The funding initiative "Spatial Laboratories" in the area of "Learning Architectures" supports projects that link innovative spatial concepts with novel teaching-learning settings. The "Ancient Sciences Innovation Lab" is one of 5 projects selected to receive funding totalling €100,000 for 18 months. More information here [Ancient Sciences Innovation Lab (ASIL) | FB 07 - IAW (